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We distribute high quality bitumen products for infrastructure projects around the world. With over a decade of experience, we are a reliable supplier offering competitive prices
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We are reliable suppliers of Bitumen for road construction and maintenance projects, from the start to the completion stage.

We can offer more than 50 grades of high quality Bitumen at competitive prices.

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Our Vision

Bitumen Suppliers Limited aims to be one of the world’s leading, reliable and reputable suppliers of high quality bitumen for road construction, civil engineering materials and various industrial applications.

Product Portfolio

We are proud to offer more than 50 grades of Bitumen which are of the highest quality and fully compliant with ASTM, AASHTO, EN, BS and other International Quality Standards and Test Methods.

Our Story

Recently we celebrated our fifth year of successful trading and would like to thank all our clients and suppliers who have been a vital part of our growing business, making us reliable and competitive. 

Cost-Effective & Reliable Bitumen Delivery To Meet Demanding Project Requirements

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Data Sheets (MSDS)

Product Specifications

Product Testing

Our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing ensuring that they meet tight specifications and requirements. We are proud of our high quality Bitumen products and our extensive range.  

Quality Standards

We are confident of our quality and our clients value this. Third party inspections and certification for quality and quantity can be arranged for reassurance. Our suppliers are ISO accredited.

Health & Safety

Most Bitumen safety hazards arise when handling products at elevated temperatures and wearing full body protection is always advised. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheets.


Certifications and Inspections